Each school affiliated to the Online Learning Community (OLC) makes a commitment to provide a teacher to deliver an online course -  an e-teacher. Schools enrol students into the courses offered, with class sizes ranging from 15 - 20 students depending on demand for the subject.


The e-teacher connects with their students for a 1 hour, face-to-face, online meeting once a week, using their digital device and Zoom, a free internet-based video conferencing application. Coursework is made available to students via google drive, google sites or other internet-based learning management platform.  E-teachers keep in regular contact with their e-students via email, phone, or extra Zoom meetings, and monitor and report on their progress.


It is the key role of the e-teacher to deliver a course in a format suitable for an online environment.  This involves providing rich learning experiences both in the video conferencing environment, and via the supporting coursework.  Teachers who are passionate about their subject, have great interpersonal skills, engaging pedagogy, are well-orgainsed and have high professional standards, are well suited to online teaching.


Key Responsibilities:

  • To provide a course suitable for an online teaching and learning environment

  • To teach a 1 hour, face-to-face, online lesson each week

  • To provide suitable coursework for students

  • To engage regularly with e-students to support their learning

  • To liaise with their e-principal and relevant e-deans as necessary

  • To manage the administrative requirements relating to the OLC within set timeframes

  • To attend OLC e-staff meetings

  • To engage in relevant training and support for the OLC as required



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